MIOS driver for Futaba M402SD06G VFD display


For the upcoming Der Brat. 3000. I will be using a Futaba M402SD06G display.
These VFD displays are very bright and have a great viewing angle, so you can
easily read them in all stage situations. And I also love their "old-skool" look :-)


I bought this display from an eBay Germany user called "holtipop". He is still
selling them for 21 EUR from time to time. If you want one, have a look here:




So finally here´s the driver - all necessary information how to install and use it
is in the header of the source code:




Please drop me an eMail or PM about your experience using this driver. If you
modify this driver for use with other VFDs (e.g. Noritake brand), send it back
to me - I can host other versions here for the MidiBox community as well.